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We are a group of passionate women living and working in the MENA region. We are a dedicated team working to build relationships amongst women across the region. We have found that differences among MENA region countries and cultures do not separate us as much as our shared professional experiences across educations, industries, backgrounds, and leadership experience pull us together. It is inspiring to discover how many female leaders and influencers there are in the MENA region, and important that these women know each other. We are in the business of building professional relationships that stick, come and find out more. 

Al-Sahm Women was founded in early 2018 as a startup built on the notion that professional women should benefit from uniquely feminine networking events and opportunities to communicate with each other. Women have schedules with different priorities and timelines, and there should be events and networking opportunities tailored to those schedules as well. Al-Sahm Women seeks to unite women from across the MENA region who share similar industries and leadership roles, and who can benefit from professional connections outside their families and personal friends. If a female leader has a question about a particular problem in her industry, our goal is to match her up with women in the same industry, or in an adjacent one that can help her solve or understand that problem. 

Al-Sahm Women has an aggressive growth plan, and will be hosting events and encouraging new members to join in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. United, women in these countries and this region will have the opportunity to build a network of female experts who push for new opportunities, solve new problems, and build new relationships on their terms. 

Our Code of Conduct

§Members commit to the following tenets of membership when they join Al-Sahm in order to ensure a healthy, thriving networking organization based on genuine professional connections and ongoing professional development.

§We understand life happens, and as professional women we are juggling multiple commitments, but if you commit to an event or a meeting with a fellow member, honor that commitment. If a member has three missed meetings, she will be ejected from the networking group.

§Gaps in employment are challenging, but asking a fellow member for employment directly is not the answer. Look to your community leaders for job opportunities and continue to build your professional network so that when you get the next big career changer, you are surrounded by women who will help you succeed.

§Got an NGO or a new startup you are excited about? Reach out to your community leaders for the best way to promote it. Do not ask your fellow members for money, we have so many better ways to bring you and your passion project in contact with funding and supporters!

§Al-Sahm is for women who have fought hard for their success, it is also a place for hard working women to be vulnerable and ask for help. Any member who shares professional conversations outside of the Al-Sahm sphere will be ejected for misconduct.

§What happens at an Al-Sahm event stays at an Al-Sahm event, and we require your consent to share pictures and snippets of our conversations – but rest assured that your thoughts and opinions are your own and our members will be discreet.

§We all need to be critiqued sometimes, and we welcome comments and criticism, but critique each other in a constructive and positive manner. Commit to building up your fellow members, and focusing on their professional success. This is a no negativity zone. 


Associates & Staff

Samira Eramdani
Co-Founder; Head of Morocco Chapter

Brittany Hamilton
Co-Founder; Head of Al-Sahm Regional

Zaina Boumazguida Program Manager


Dana Adnani Al Mubaidin
Al-Sahm Regional Advisor